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What are the Health Benefits of Dental Implants?

Most people, when considering dental implants in Whitby, are interested in how treatment can help improve their appearance. While appearance is important, there are other ways that dental implants could help you. For example, have you considered the potential health benefits of having implant treatment? Because of their unique ability to artificially restore a tooth root, dental implants can potentially improve and protect your dental health and your general health.

Stabilizing Existing Teeth
Did you realize even losing a single tooth negatively affects your remaining teeth? Your adult teeth are designed to work together, sharing the pressure and stress created when you bite and chew food, and preventing unwanted tooth movements. When you have a gap in your smile, then your remaining teeth will begin to drift towards this space. The movement can destabilize them, and it can affect your bite. Dental implants in Clarington help to protect and stabilize your remaining teeth, preventing tooth movements and sharing the load created when you bite or chew food.

Imagine the Advantages of Eating Properly
When you have loose or painful teeth, or where multiple teeth are missing, enjoying a meal becomes more difficult. Often, for people missing numerous teeth, their favourite foods are off the menu because they are too difficult to chew thoroughly. If you have lost several teeth, then you may have become accustomed to eating a softer diet requiring minimal chewing. While this is all very well, it’s trickier to choose nutritious foods when you’re worried about how to chew them. It’s entirely possible to miss out on essential nutrients, which in turn has a detrimental effect on general health. If your body doesn’t receive all the vitamins and minerals it needs, it’s harder to fight infection and disease. With dental implant treatment in Newcastle, concerns about food choices are banished to the past. Instead, you’ll find it much easier to eat because implant-supported teeth can withstand a far greater chewing pressure compared to dentures.

Being well nourished can improve your general sense of well-being, especially as mealtimes become much easier and are far less fraught when you socialize with others. It’s an important consideration because many social events and celebrations are focused on food.

Preventing Jawbone Loss
If you lose teeth, then your dentist in Pickering will encourage you to replace them as soon as possible. While they want to restore your smile, your dentist is also interested in preventing jawbone loss, and dental implants are the only treatment that can do this. Whenever you bite down on your natural teeth, it sends a message to your body telling it to replace old bone cells when they die off. After removing natural teeth, your jawbone gradually resorbs, because, without your tooth roots, your body no longer receives the stimulation telling it to renew dying bone cells. Dental implants artificially provide the stimulus needed to ensure old bone cells are replaced. It is a significant health benefit because jawbone loss makes existing teeth less stable and in people missing multiple teeth, the effects are more dramatic. People who are entirely edentulous can have problems retaining full dentures, only a few years after tooth loss because of changes to the jawbone. The same problem also creates that ‘collapsed in’ look.

The health benefits of dental implants in Bowmanville are just as significant as the impact of restoring your smile and are even more reason to consider treatment.



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