Can I Have an Immediate Dental Implant to Restore a Single Tooth?

If you have lost teeth or know you are facing tooth loss very soon, then your priority is almost certainly to plan for their replacement. Often, time is a significant factor, as most people want to close the gap in their mouth as soon as they can. In Newcastle, dental implants are the premier solution for replacing missing teeth and their placement is quite routine. However, traditionally, dental implant treatment takes several months to complete, a timeframe that may be off-putting for some people. With traditional dental implants, the placement of the final restoration is delayed because this gives the implant post time to heal with the surrounding jawbone. But, in some cases, it may be possible to place what is called an immediate dental implant and this type of treatment can be particularly appealing if you face losing a tooth right at the front of your mouth.

When Is An Immediate Dental Implant a Suitable Treatment Option?
When you need to have a tooth removed then your dentist in Brooklin will carefully extract the tooth, causing minimal damage to the surrounding gum and bone. Tooth extraction is performed using a local anesthetic, and the tooth is gently manipulated until it loosens sufficiently to be removed. Normally the empty socket needs time to heal before an implant is placed, which allows the bone to recover but sometimes a dentist can place an implant at the same time as removing the tooth. If needed, it’s even possible to place a small amount of bone grafting material at the same time.

With this treatment, a temporary crown can be fitted soon after the implant post is placed, so this crown isn’t permanent but should still look good. The reason for a temporary crown is because it’s usually made to be slightly smaller than full-size so that when you bite down, the crown won’t contact the opposing teeth and you will still need to avoid chewing or biting on the tooth. It’s important to avoid placing any stress on the temporary crown because the implant post still needs time to fuse with the surrounding bone and any movement could interfere with the success of your dental implant treatment in Whitby. The temporary crown will remain in place until your implant post is firmly fused with your jawbone, at which point it will be replaced with a proper and more permanent crown.

Are There Times When Traditional Implant Treatment Is Better?
When used in the right circumstances, this type of immediate dental implant placement in Clarington should be just as successful as a more traditional implant procedure where an implant crown isn’t fitted to the post until healing is completed several months later. It might sound like a great solution if you are facing the loss of a front tooth, but sometimes certain factors may mean a more traditional approach is preferable and could provide a better long-term outcome, and don’t worry, as some form of a temporary tooth can still be fitted to hide the gap. Otherwise, immediate dental implants in Pickering can be a viable option, especially when diagnostic images like a CT scan show that minimally invasive implant treatment is possible.

How Do I Know Which Implant Treatment Is Best for Me?
Here at Durham Implant Solutions, our dentist will carefully assess your dental and medical health to determine which type of dental implant treatment in Courtice is best for your needs. The aim is to ensure you receive a beautiful implant tooth, which with the right kind of ongoing care should last for many years.

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