What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are slightly different compared to traditional dental implants in Ajax, and the technique used to place them also differs. They can be a good choice for some people in certain situations and where conventional dental implants are not a good option.

How Are Mini Dental Implants Different from Traditional Dental Implants?
Mini dental implants have a similar shape to traditional implants but are considerably narrower. Just like conventional dental implants in Whitby, mini dental implants are made from high quality, medical grade titanium alloy. The diameter of mini dental implants can be anywhere between 1.8 mm to 2.9 mm while the length of the implant screw is between 10 mm and 18 mm. The implant screw or post determines the overall strength of the implant rather than its diameter.

When Are Mini Dental Implants Used?
Their narrower shape makes them ideal for replacing small lower teeth or for other situations where space is so limited that a traditional implant wouldn’t comfortably fit. Mini dental implants are also sometimes used to stabilize dentures. The implant-supported denture clips onto special rubber O-ring implant fittings, so it is held firmly in place. A dental implant dentist in Pickering may suggest using mini dental implants if you have lost quite a lot of your natural jawbone. Although bone grafting can successfully build up missing bone in areas where it is deficient, not everyone wishes to or can undergo a more traditional dental implant procedure.

A Less Invasive Treatment
Unlike the procedure for traditional dental implants, mini dental implants are inserted directly through the gums, so there is no need for stitches and healing is quicker. Surgery is planned in precisely the same way as for traditional dental implants and is computer guided to provide an optimal treatment outcome. The narrower size of the implant screw makes it easier to avoid vital structures in the jaw such as sinuses and nerves.

Pros and Cons of Using Mini Dental Implants
Mini dental implants can be fantastic for replacing teeth where space is tight, but they still require a decent amount of vertical bone because the implant screws are a similar length to traditional dental implants in Newcastle. When used to stabilize dentures, often a more significant number of mini dental implants are required, and treatment may not be suitable for the upper jaw because of reduced bone density. If you do need to stabilize an upper denture, then traditional dental implants may be a better solution. Often, it is possible to secure a complete arch of teeth with relatively few traditional dental implants, so treatment is already very cost-effective.

Find the Treatment Solution That is Right for You
Mini dental implants are just one treatment option for replacing missing teeth in Clarington. When you first visit our dentist here at Durham Implant Solutions, we can thoroughly assess your dental health and will always recommend the solution we feel is the most reliable and best fits your needs.

Our dentists have considerable experience in using a wide range of implant systems. The aim of treatment is to ensure you can bite, chew and smile comfortably and confidently, and of course, we want your dental implants to last for as long as possible. To achieve this aim, we only use the highest quality implant components from reputable dental companies and implants are placed using advanced computer guided surgery.

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