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Using Dental Implants to Rejuvenate Your Smile

If you are considering having treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth or have thought about a smile makeover then you’ve probably considered procedures such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, and maybe crowns and bridges, but what about dental implants in Pickering? In fact, if you are missing one or more teeth or have teeth that are failing, then dental implants can be a valuable addition to any smile makeover plan.

It’s true that you can use dentures or dental bridges to restore missing teeth, but dental implant treatment in Ajax can provide several unique advantages. Implant treatment is an innovative and long-lasting solution for tooth loss which can be used to create beautiful smiles while protecting and preserving your natural teeth and your dental health.

Protecting Your Natural Teeth
When you have an ordinary dental bridge, it is supported by your natural teeth which are adjacent to the gap. These teeth must be ground down and crowned so that the crowns can be attached to a replacement tooth or pontic. It’s necessary to remove quite a bit of your natural tooth to make room for a crown as otherwise it would look and feel very unnatural and bulky. If these adjacent teeth could benefit from dental crowns, then a bridge is a great option, but if they are perfectly healthy and nicely shaped then grinding them down could be unnecessary.

Dental implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth without the need to disturb or adjust your existing natural teeth. Instead, dental implants can actually help your natural teeth, ensuring they remain stable while sharing the pressures created when you bite or chew food, so your natural teeth are less at risk of chipping or fracturing.

More Cost-Effective
There’s another advantage in choosing a dental implant in Clarington as it can be more cost-effective in the longer term. Eventually, you will need to replace your implant-supported crown or an ordinary dental bridge as no restoration lasts forever. If you’ve chosen a dental implant, then it’s merely a matter of replacing a single crown. If you opted for a dental bridge, then you will need to replace a three-tooth structure, consisting of the crowns supporting the replacement tooth and the replacement tooth itself, which is considerably more than just a single crown. Even if you need an implant-supported bridge to replace multiple teeth, then the cost will still be less because fewer teeth are involved.

Preserving Your Jawbone
Dental implants in Courtice are the only treatment that can protect your jawbone, helping to prevent the bone loss that naturally occurs once you have a tooth removed. It might seem insignificant, but in fact, it’s essential because a strong and healthy jawbone will help protect your natural teeth and it supports your gums. Your teeth, gums and jawbone all help to support your facial muscles, preventing them from collapsing inwards which can be prematurely ageing.

Restoring Gum and Bone
Dental implants can be particularly helpful if you lost teeth some years ago or have had gum disease which has destroyed your gums and bone. The most advanced dental implant treatment can help restore and replace missing gum and bone, protecting your natural teeth and providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Bone grafts and gum grafts can rebuild and reshape these structures, providing excellent support for your dental implants while ensuring nicely contoured gum tissue surrounds your implant-supported teeth. This can make a massive difference to the aesthetic outcome of dental implant treatment in Newcastle.

Dental implants work very well with other dental treatments to help improve the appearance of your smile. Our experienced dental implant dentists in Whitby can custom-design your treatment plan to restore any missing teeth and to rejuvenate your smile, giving you a healthy grin that you will love to show.
If you are ready to discover the most advanced way to restore your smile, contact Durham Implant Solutions for your free dental implant consultation in Bowmanville.



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