Dental Implants Options for Replacing a Complete Row of Teeth

Lots of people are missing most or all their upper or lower teeth, or even the teeth in both arches and while conventional dentures are still widely used, implant dentistry in Ajax is a far more modern solution. Instead of putting up with dentures that tend to move and shift position at the most inconvenient times, you could enjoy the stability of having teeth that are firmly held in place. There are two main options available as you can choose to have teeth that are permanently fixed in place or you could have an overdenture, and which is held in place by dental implants. Most people’s immediate reaction is to choose teeth which cannot be removed, but an overdenture can be a great solution, and it is worth considering both options.

Fixed Implant Bridges
Fixed implant bridges are generally made of zirconia which is an amazingly durable material suitable for replacing multiple teeth and can be used to construct a complete arch of 10 or 12 teeth. Modern zirconia bridges are hard wearing and look fantastic and can even be constructed to include gum coloured porcelain to replace any areas of gum that might be missing. Fixed implant-supported bridges are permanently cemented or screwed onto the dental implants, so you can almost forget they aren’t your original teeth. Most often, a large bridge will be screwed into place because this makes it easier for your dentist in Whitby to retrieve, which might be necessary if you need any maintenance or cleaning. Don’t worry, as the screw holes aren’t visible because they are covered up with tooth coloured composite resin.

In contrast to fixed implant bridges in Clarington, overdentures are made from acrylic just like conventional dentures, but they have unique attachments on the fitting surface. These attachments clip on or snap onto the dental implants in your mouth so that once the denture is in place, it cannot move. When the overdenture is in your mouth, it will not rest on your gums but instead is fully supported by the dental implants. This will provide you with enough strength and stability to eat a greater range of foods, without the risk of your denture slipping out of place. Whenever necessary, you can remove your overdenture for cleaning, and some people prefer to sleep without them in.

Which Is Best?
Overdentures and fixed dental implant bridges are a far preferable option to traditional dentures, eliminating the most common complaints by denture wearers. Your decision as to which is best is a personal choice, most likely based on your budget and your needs and desires. While a fixed implant bridge made seem a more desirable option, it is costlier than an overdenture but is the solution that will feel most like your natural teeth. A fixed bridge is only removable by a dentist in Newcastle and when properly cared for could last for years. With this option, no one need know that you lost your natural teeth. However, overdentures can also be an excellent and cost-effective choice, and some people find them easier to look after. If you have a set of dentures that you like that it may even be possible to adapt them, provided they are still in excellent condition.

The best way to discover which dental implant treatment in Pickering is best for you is to have a consultation with our implant dentist at Durham Implant Solutions. We can assess your dental health and can carefully explain each possible option, including the pros and cons. Armed with this information, you can make the right decision for your oral health needs.



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