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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Over the past few years, dental implant treatment in Pickering has become an increasingly popular solution for tooth loss. There are many good reasons why we often encourage people to consider this option because it can often be the very best long-term choice for dental health and aesthetics. Here at Durham Dental Solutions, we want our patients to receive the very best dental care in Ajax, but we do realize cost is an essential consideration. We know people want to know how much dental implants cost but this is usually impossible to determine without an examination. It is tricky to put a price on dental implants cost in Oshawa because of the range of options available. We can give you a ‘ball-park’ figure, but the exact amount is dependant on the treatment needed.

A Brief Overview of Implant Treatments
Dental implant treatment is hugely versatile, and we can provide a range of solutions to accommodate all needs. These include single and multiple implants which may be used to support implant crowns and bridges which are firmly fixed in place. Another possibility for people who have suffered complete tooth loss is to have a beautiful implant-supported denture which clips onto the implants, but which can easily be removed for regular cleaning and maintenance. Although you might have your heart set on fixed teeth, it is worth keeping an open mind about treatment. An implant-supported denture is very cost-effective and can make a massive difference to anyone who currently struggles with a loose and uncomfortable denture.

More Affordable Than You Think
Dental implant treatment can be more affordable than you imagine, especially when restoring just a single tooth. For example, if you were to replace a single tooth with a dental bridge, then you would need to pay for a three-unit or three-tooth bridge because the teeth adjacent to the gap must be crowned so they can support the replacement tooth. In contrast, you will only need a single implant crown, and of course the actual dental implant to replace a single tooth. Another thing to bear in mind is that all dental restorations need to be replaced at some point, so a single implant can prove to be highly cost-effective in the long-term.

Determining Your Dental Implants Cost
Once our dentist has examined your mouth, they will want to chat with you to discover your aims and desires for implant treatment. Our dentist will discuss all options, including the possible pros and cons of each choice. The objective is to ensure you have all the information you need about each solution, so you can choose an option which will be most suited to your needs. The exact treatment required can also depend on whether you need any additional procedures, for example, bone grafts. Once you have decided on a treatment, there is also the potential variations in the materials used to make your new teeth. Crowns and bridges can be manufactured from the most sophisticated all-ceramic materials, as can the actual implants, or your new teeth could have a substructure made of metal. All these variations affect the dental implants cost.

The good news is, that once you have made your choice of dental implants in Brooklin, we can provide a complete written treatment plan, so you can see exactly how much each component will cost. The really good news is that you will have chosen a long-lasting solution for your tooth loss and you will enjoy having teeth that look and feel great. Of course, every implant treatment provided by our dentist in Newcastle is individually customized, and we can complete all the work required in our comfortable dental office, from a team you can trust with your dental health.

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