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Learn How Dental Implant Treatment is Planned

Dental implants can be a fantastic option and success rates are typically 95% or more. However, good treatment planning counts for a lot. When you visit Durham Dental Solutions then you might be unaware of the intricate planning process that will take place in preparation for your treatment. In fact, we use advanced digital technology to help ensure that every dental implant placed by our dentist in Whitby has the greatest chance of being a long-term success. This will help to make sure that you receive implant-supported teeth that not only look good but which will feel natural and are fully functional.

One of the first things we need to do is assess your suitability for dental implants in Newcastle. This is just to ensure you don’t have any signs of dental disease or that you have any medical conditions that could interfere with the success of your treatment. Next, we will need to carry out some detailed diagnostic tests which include digital dental x-rays and a cone beam CT scan.

Why Is a Cone Beam CT Scan So Important?
A cone beam CT scan provides us with detailed 3-D images of your jaws and contains a wealth of vital information. It allows us to assess the quality and quantity of your jawbone and to see exactly where vital structures are located, including nerves, blood vessels and sinus cavities. Armed with this information, we can precisely plan your dental implant treatment in Clarington, using sophisticated software. This allows us to determine if any bone grafting is necessary and where exactly to situate each dental implant to maximize use of available bone while avoiding essential structures in your mouth. It’s an extremely important process because it also allows us to visualize how the final implant-supported tooth, bridge or denture will look and how it will function.

Digital treatment planning is carried out entirely behind-the-scenes. Once we are happy with the digital treatment plan, then we can have a surgical guide fabricated which brings the digital plan into the real world. This is a sophisticated template that is used during implant placement, and which guides implant placement ensuring that each implant is inserted into the precise position, as planned behind-the-scenes. There is another important advantage in preplanning your dental implant treatment in Pickering as it can create a more comfortable treatment experience.

How Preplanning Your Treatment Helps You
Precisely planning your surgery can make sure you enjoy a more successful treatment outcome and will help to ensure you feel more comfortable. This is because our dental implant dentist in Ajax will know exactly where each implant is to be inserted, leaving no room for errors so the actual surgery is quicker and smoother, and ultimately more comfortable.

Our use of digital technology doesn’t stop there! Normally, you would need to have an ordinary dental impression taken of your mouth and which is used to create your dental implants. Lots of people find this process uncomfortable at best, and it can be especially unpleasant if you have a strong gag reflex. For your comfort, we’ve invested in the most advanced digital impression technology. Instead of a conventional impression tray, your mouth is digitally scanned with a tiny camera that creates an incredibly accurate 3-D virtual impression that is emailed to the dental lab, so you can receive a beautiful, precision-made implant tooth, without the need for a messy impression.

When you choose dental implants in Oshawa, you want to ensure your treatment will be a long-term success. Digitally planning your treatment helps to provide a more predictable outcome, giving you teeth that look good and which work well.


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