How to Have Healthy Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a fantastic way to replace missing teeth and many patients have already benefited from this treatment. However, dental implants in Ajax are not maintenance-free. Although your implant is made from artificial materials, it is surrounded by gum tissue and bone that must be kept strong and free from disease for you to enjoy healthy dental implants.

In fact, dental implants require just as much maintenance as your natural teeth, so be prepared to brush and floss regularly, and regular checkups and professional cleanings with us here at Durham Implant Solutions are an absolute must. It isn’t difficult to maintain healthy dental implants, but good regular oral hygiene is vital.
When dental implants are well-maintained then the gum around them will look pink and firm. It’s important to maintain healthy gums because it helps to create a nice seal around the implant, preventing bacteria from penetrating deep into your gums.

Receive Personalized Brushing and Flossing Instructions
Looking after your dental implants is quite straightforward and there is no need to worry because our Whitby dentist will give you lots of information on how to care for your dental implants. We can show you exactly how to clean around each dental implant and will offer lots of advice on which tools are best to use.

When brushing your teeth, choose a soft toothbrush and it’s up to you as to whether you prefer a manual, electric or sonic toothbrush. We can show you how to thoroughly brush around your dental implants, so you remove the maximum amount of plaque. Dental education is extremely important to us so please ask if you don’t quite understand something or have questions about how to look after your dental implants in Newcastle.

You can use traditional dental floss, but interproximal brushes or interdental brushes are very easy to use and can clean hard-to-reach areas around dental implants. These types of brushes are also specially designed to avoid damaging the dental implant. Some people find an oral irrigator or water flosser easier to use and these can have special tips designed for cleaning around dental implants.

Why Regular Checkups and Cleanings Are Important
Your regular checkups and cleanings in Oshawa are vital because we will carefully check the condition of your dental implant and the condition of the gum and bone surrounding it. Regular dental x-rays help us to assess the bone level around the dental implant and we can use these x-rays for comparison if we suspect a problem in the future. Our hygienist will professionally clean around your dental implant using special tools which will help you to maintain healthy gums. If needed, they can also work with you to improve your brushing and flossing routine.

What Happens If You Fail to Look after Your Dental Implants?
Failing to keep up with a good oral hygiene routine will increase the chance of the tissues surrounding your dental implant in Clarington becoming infected with a condition called peri-implant disease. This is a little like gum disease which is a major cause of tooth loss. Just like gum disease, peri-implant disease has two distinct phases, the first of which will only affect your gums and it is called peri-implant mucositis. This doesn’t affect the bone surrounding the dental implant and may be reversible if caught early enough. Peri-implantitis is more serious and does affect the bone. Surgical treatment may be needed to try to save the dental implant.

We want you to be able to enjoy having strong and healthy dental implants for as long as possible so if you ever feel your implant isn’t quite right or your gum looks inflamed, please contact our dentist in Bowmanville for professional care and advice.

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