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Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the most exciting developments in dental technology over the last few decades. Many people already have implant-supported teeth and there are lots more who could benefit from this long-lasting solution for tooth loss. Despite the benefits of treatment, we often see people who are concerned they are aren’t suitable for treatment, believing it is something for other people and not for them. In fact, most people in Bowmanville are highly suitable for dental implants. If you have reasonable general health and dental health, then there is a good chance you can be fitted with implant teeth.

What About My Age?
Generally, dental implants can be placed once your jawbone has finished growing and developing. This does mean that teenagers missing teeth will need to wait until we are sure their growth and development are complete which may be age 18 or later. Our implant dentist in Newcastle can provide a more exact timeframe after an initial dental examination.

At the other end of the spectrum, age isn’t generally a barrier. Many older people have already benefited from highly successful dental implant treatment. Dental implants can be especially useful for anyone who has loose dentures in Whitby or who is aware their teeth are failing and will soon need to be removed. Often, we can support a complete arch of teeth with relatively few dental implants, making this a cost-effective choice while comfortably restoring your ability to eat and socialize with others.

What Happens If I Have Poor Dental Health?
During your initial consultation for dental implants in Clarington, our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to check for signs of dental problems. If you do have any problems such as untreated tooth decay or gum disease, then don’t worry as we can provide you with a custom treatment plan that will help restore good dental health. It is important to have a healthy mouth before you have dental implants fitted because this will improve the chances of your treatment being a long-term success, hopefully giving you many years or even the rest of your life to enjoy your dental implants.

How Can My General Health Affect Dental Implant Treatment in Brooklin?
Your general health is immensely important when considering your suitability for dental implant treatment in Courtice, far more so than your age. When you visit us to find out more about treatment, we will need to know your full medical history, including any treatments you may have received for medical problems and any medications currently used. It’s important for us to ensure that dental implant treatment will be successful and appropriate and will not interfere with or be affected by your medical history.

Sometimes certain health conditions, especially those that may affect your immune system could potentially affect dental implant treatment. This is because they may impair your ability to heal properly after implant surgery and which is very important because during the healing process your implant posts begin to fuse with your jawbone. The process, called osseointegration, is vital for the long-term success of this treatment, ensuring the implant posts provide a strong and stable anchorage point for your new implant teeth. One good example is diabetes which if poorly controlled can affect the healing process. However, if you do have diabetes and can successfully control your blood sugar levels then it’s still worth enquiring about treatment. If dental implant treatment isn’t suitable then we can always recommend another solution for tooth loss in Pickering.

Dental implants can be an amazing way to restore missing teeth so even if you aren’t sure about your suitability, it’s always worth asking. Our dental implant dentist here at Durham Dental Solutions can give you expert advice, carefully explaining all possible treatments and how each choice could help you.

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