Loose Dentures? Ask Us About Dental Implants

Lots of people wear full dentures and they can be a practical solution for complete tooth loss. However, our dentists in Durham will frequently see patients who have found their denture doesn’t fit quite as well as it used to. It’s a common problem because although well-made dentures can look great, they rely on your gums and the underlying jawbone for support. One option is to consider dental implants.

Why Do Dentures Become Loose and Uncomfortable?
When natural teeth are removed, the jawbone gradually changes shape and the ridge that used to support your natural teeth becomes narrower and flatter. This can be a particular problem if you have a lower denture that relies solely on this bony ridge for its support. As the jawbone resorbs, the fit of the denture will change, and you may notice it begins to slip out of place more easily or will rub uncomfortably. Unfortunately, when a denture does rub on the gums it can accelerate jawbone loss, potentially making the problem even worse.

The good news is that you do not need to put up with loose, ill-fitting dentures as there are a couple of great options that could help you enjoy strong, stable teeth that remain firmly in place all the time. Just imagine, you will be able to eat more comfortably, and you won’t have to worry that your dentures will embarrassingly move around when you talk or socialize with others. With implant-supported teeth, your loose dentures can become a thing of the past. Your options include an implant-supported denture, or it may be possible to have an implant-supported bridge fitted in Bowmanville. Both are slightly different.

What to Expect If You Have an Implant-Supported Denture
An implant supported denture looks similar to a traditional denture in Ajax, but it has special fittings on the surface closest to your gums. These will clip directly onto dental implants, or they may clip onto a bar fitted onto the implants. Both solutions will provide you with a strong and stable restoration, but you will still be able to remove your denture for easy cleaning. An implant-supported denture can be a good, cost-effective choice and is also a nice option for anyone who may struggle with oral hygiene. Having a removable implant-supported denture should be relatively easy to maintain. If you’d prefer teeth that cannot be removed, then talk to our dentist in Clarington about having an implant-supported bridge.

What to Expect If You Have an Implant-Supported Bridge
Unlike a removable denture, an implant supported bridge can only be removed by a dentist in Newcastle. It is either cemented or is often screwed onto the dental implants. A screw-retained bridge is frequently chosen because it is easily retrieved if needed. Your implant-supported teeth will remain in place at all times as your bridge will only be removed for maintenance or perhaps for professional cleaning. It’s a good choice if the idea of having removable teeth really doesn’t appeal, although you will need to make sure you clean thoroughly around your dental bridge and your implants to keep them healthy and strong and free from infection.

Discovering Which Option Will Be Right for You
Both these solutions can provide excellent results for anybody who has a loose denture but it’s likely that you have a preference for one of these treatments. However, it’s worth keeping an open mind until you spoken to our dentist in Whitby. A proper consultation will enable you to learn much more about implant treatment and how it could help you. Our experienced implant team here at Durham Implant Solutions will discuss all possible options and can help you select the most suitable choice for your dental needs.

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