Why Replace a Single Tooth with a Dental Implant?

Losing even a single tooth can be very upsetting, especially if the tooth is visible when you smile or talk, and you will probably want to get it replaced as soon as you can. When restoring a single tooth, your options include a fixed dental bridge or a dental implant. If you choose to have a dental bridge, then it can be completed in a matter of weeks. In comparison, dental implant treatment in Newcastle does take a little longer but it’s well worth considering if you’d like a long-term solution for tooth loss.

Reasons Why a Dental Implant Can Be a Better Solution
There are several reasons why you should consider dental implant treatment because dental implants can help to preserve your jawbone, will protect your natural teeth and treatment can be more cost-effective in the longer term. Additionally, single dental implant teeth in Clarington can look amazing.

Preserving Your Jawbone
A dental implant is the only treatment that can help protect your jawbone as after you lose a natural tooth, it will gradually resorb. This is because it will no longer receive the stimulation provided by your tooth root, ensuring old bone cells are replaced as they die off. The great thing about having a dental implant in Oshawa is that it artificially replaces a real tooth root, providing a similar level of stimulation, ensuring old bone cells are continually renewed. When you opt for a dental implant, this helps to maintain the correct dimensions of your jawbone and ensures the adjacent teeth remain stable.

Protecting Your Natural Teeth
Although a dental bridge can be a quick treatment, our dentist in Bowmanville will need to grind down the adjacent teeth. These teeth must be reshaped so they can be crowned, and the dental crowns are attached to a replacement tooth or pontic that will rest on the gums. Dental bridges can look beautiful but removing healthy tooth structure is never an ideal solution. Once removed, this tooth structure can only ever be artificially replaced. When you have a dental implant, these adjacent teeth can remain fully intact and instead the implant will help provide them with more stability and it will spread the forces created when you bite or chew food.

More Cost-Effective in the Longer Term
Initially, dental implant treatment in Courtice may cost a little more than a three tooth or three-unit bridge, but in the longer-term treatment can be more cost-effective. When properly cared for, dental implants can last for decades and some people will have them for life. All dental restorations must be replaced periodically and it’s no different for dental bridges and implant supported crowns. However, instead of having to replace a three-tooth bridge, you will just have to replace a single implant crown.

Single Implant Teeth Look Incredibly Natural
When you choose to have a single implant tooth then our dentist in Whitby will take considerable care in planning and designing your implant treatment. Advanced diagnostics including a cone beam CT scan allow us to plan exactly where your implant will be situated so that once it is fully restored you can enjoy having a tooth that looks great and which is fully functional. Unlike a bridge tooth that will rest on your gums, your implant tooth will emerge from your gums, just like a real tooth.

Our experienced dental team at Durham Implant Solutions will take care of you right throughout your treatment. Every dental implant treatment in Ajax is meticulously planned to help provide you with a smoother, more comfortable and more successful outcome.

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