How to Choose an Implant Dentist

Choosing dental implants is a big decision towards your overall health, so we want to ensure you have all the facts!

Not all dentists have the same training in dental implants. There is a substantial amount of time invested to learn proper techniques as per the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario guidelines. Its important to understand all the information needed to make an educated decision on how to choose a dental implant dentist in Bowmanville.

Below are some tips in selecting the right dentist for your dental implant needs.

How long has the dentist been dealing with dental implants?

One important consideration is the amount of experience that the dentist has in dealing with dental implants. Does your dentist only place the final crown on the top of the implant or is the procedure performed start to finish in office? Is your dentist familiar in how to deal with complications or familiar with many implant techniques? Practice makes perfect especially for dental implant procedures so experience is key.

Level of training

The amount of training that the dentist has in dental implants is very important. There are basic dental implant cases that are very straightforward to complex cases involving multiple implants, dental implants requiring bone grafting or immediate implants placed at the same time of tooth removal which are very technique sensitive. When it comes to dental implant procedures its important to ask your dentist about their level of expertise in this area and what their comfort level is.

Before & Afters

Its good to ask your dentists for before and after pictures of past patient cases to see how their dental implant procedures look. We always recommend asking for referral or contacts of previous patients to share their experiences as well at the office.

You should also ask how many dental implant procedures the dentist typically performs per year. Reviews from past successful patient cases can be found online for dentists that perform this procedure regularly. Combining these resources together will help in understanding if this office is the right dental implant destination for you.

The dental Implant Team

Its important to ask how many dentists are involved in the dental implant procedure. In some dental offices, the dentist may only place the final crown on the final phase of treatment while an oral surgeon or gum specialist would be placing the dental implant( root portion of treatment). We like to perform the procedure start to finish in the office by consistent providers so that we get final results that we know will be based on our initial assessment without having to visit multiple locations.

Its important to consider all the information before choosing a dental implant dentist. We welcome patients to the office for a free consultation about how to achieve that beautiful and healthy smile.

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