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Cost of Dental Implants

So how much do dental implants cost? this is the most asked question that we hear at our Bowmanville dental office. I am a big advocate for dental implants as they have revolutionized how we perform dentistry at our office. We can save healthy teeth and replace missing teeth where other options before relied on anchorage or support in the form of dentures or bridges. If we are looking at an apples to apples comparison, a single tooth implant at our office costs less than a three unit bridge (involving two teeth) . That is because the lab costs associated with a bridge are actually more expensive since it involves three teeth.

We replace missing teeth for a single space to larger cases involving the whole mouth. When we replace the whole mouth, we do not need one implant for every missing tooth. We use a number of dental implants (between four to implants) to replace the upper or lower jaw. We will always recommend to “over-engineer” the case so that it is stable and serves you for years to come.

So back to our question, what is the cost of dental implant treatment? It depends !

It can range from as simple as $1500 to $50,000. It totally depends on your situation, jaw bone condition, number of teeth to replace, what is being used to replace the missing teeth( acrylic, full porcelain etc ).

So what makes us decide between a dental implant or a bridge? a typical dental implant procedure for a single tooth is considered to be a more permanent solution than a bridge.

The average bridge lasts 7-10 years, so in your life time you can expect to replace it between 2-4 times. If any anchors in a bridge fail( due to cavities, or fracture etc), then the whole bridge fails leading to an even longer bridge ! At my office, i like to keep a one tooth problem , a one tooth problem.

We advise you to choose your dental implant treatment based on experience, not just costs. We design the entire treatment start to finish at our office meaning you do not have to go to many different locations and see many dentists to complete the process.

My office is in Bowmanville, and we welcome all second opinions.


Dr. Mark Bishara

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