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What is the Best Dental Implant?

Did you know that there over 140 different dental implant companies that manufacture dental implants in the world. Are all dental implants the same? What makes one “better” than another and what sets the price point for a dental implant in Bowmanville?

A dental implant replaces the root portion of the tooth. All dental implants that come in two pieces (the root part under the gum, and the crown or cap part above the gum) are made of titanium and some are a combination of a titanium alloy.

So do all dental implants work the same? We like to use at our office a dental implant that has a good track record in use with long term studies that show success. Most dental implants used now involve very similar surface treatments which allow new bone to grow against the dental implant to make it nice and strong to take your daily chewing and biting pressure.

The most important aspect that goes beyond which dental implant we use, is the training and planning that goes into the dental implant procedure. In reality most dental implants on the market work as well as any other. The type of dental implant used is only a small influencing factor on the success of your dental implant procedure. I would say that 95 percent of the outcome depends on the skill set of the dental implant placement and final crown design.

For your free dental implant consultation at my office, feel free to call our office at 905-697-1118 or contact one of our team members today ! 

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