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The Cost of Dental Implants

We often get asked about the cost of dental implants, and this really depends on the final prosthesis we are making. The cost of the teeth that are supported by the dental implants(the root portion) can vary greatly depending on the material used.

For example, if you are missing all of your upper teeth, we use a number of dental implants ranging from 6-8 implants. These 6-8 implants will support between 12-14 teeth.

There are two basic types of materials that are used to replace missing teeth: acrylic/plastic or porcelain. Porcelain lasts longer, is more aesthetic and looks real however it costs about 40 percent more than plastic. Plastic is used mainly for denture teeth and can greatly reduce the cost of a case but the teeth are not custom made and often can be prone to chipping, wear and staining.

Plastic teeth are not permanent and you can expect to replace them every few years (5 years on average).

Full porcelain dental implant bridge

Fixed (permanent) porcelain bridges are custom made for every patient. it can be made of a material called zirconia which is is very strong.

So to the answer to the question : how much do dental implants costs? well it varies entirely on the material chosen. Its important to research and do your homework as some places promise teeth in a day or permanent teeth and in actuality its denture acrylic or plastic teeth that are prone to wear.

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Dr. Mark Bishara

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