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The number of dental implants for a denture

An overdenture is a denture that is supported by a number of dental implants. There are two types of overdentures: upper or lower jaw.

A lower denture is supported by two to four dental implants under it. The more dental implants that are used, the more stable the denture is and less movement.

The analogy we often use to compare things to is legs on a table. If you had four legs, the table would be very sturdy, if you lose a leg, then that table will start to wobble. The same thing happens with dental implants and a denture. It can definitely work with two dental implants however it can still have movement in the back area.

A two implant overdenture places the dental implants in the front part of the jaw.

Implant Overdenture with two dental implants

If you added a third dental implant in the middle and spread out the remaining two further back, then the denture will be even more stable !

Three dental implants snap in denture

The best option is four dental implants to support a denture so that it is stable. Its like having all the legs on a table !

Four dental implants to support a snap in denture

If you use five or more dental implants in the lower, then you can get rid of your denture ! We can place permanent teeth that are fixed in place. The upper jaw is a different story as it requires six dental implants for a permanent fixed bridge.

In summary, dental implants are great for denture retention, and the more the implants that are present the more support you will gain for your denture. With enough dental implants we can transition from removable appliances to fixed permanent teeth !

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Dr. Mark Bishara

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