Immediate Dental Implant, Implant Dentist Bowmanville

In today’s case, we discuss the idea of immediate dental implants.  Immediate dental implants are dental implants that are placed at the same time of tooth removal.  There are key criteria that are followed when attempting to place immediate dental implants as the procedure is much more technique sensitive than a traditional dental implant placement.

A traditional dental implant would be placed 3-4 months after a tooth is removed and the area heals. With an immediate dental implant, the tooth is removed very carefully and the area is prepared to receive a dental implant at the same time.

Advantages of an immediate molar implant:

  • Fits multi-rooted molar socket and allows for immediate placement following extraction

  • Maximizes bone preservation

  • Minimizes need for bone grafting

  • Reduces treatment time

The case shown illustrates a dental implant for an upper molar that had previous root canal therapy and unfortunately the tooth developed a crack.  Keep in mind that the anatomy of an upper molar is one of the most complex, these teeth have 3 individual roots that need to be carefully removed.  A dental implant is then placed in the centre area and allowed to heal for 3 months.  A dental implant crown is then fabricated by the lab.  We use the iTero 3D digital impression system for all crowns fabricated as it is much more accurate in fit at the West Bowmanville Family Dental.

The anatomy of an upper molar: 3 individual roots. The dental implant is not placed in the space of one of the roots , rather in the middle space area occupied by the roots

In our office , for back teeth, or molars, we use a dental implant that is wider in shape, this allows us to place the implant at the same time as removal of the tooth.  This make each case and area of the mouth unique in treatment options.  The advantage of also placing a wider implant shape in the area of back teeth is that naturally these teeth have a wider shape .  In trying to recreate what nature gave us,  it makes sense to use a dental implant that would conform to the same shape.  This make the area much more cleansible in the future.  We invite you to our office for a free consultation about dental implants with Dr. Mark Bishara

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