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Dental Implant -How do we choose which one?

We sometimes get patients that ask about the brand of dental implant that we are using.  There are over 150 different dental implant companies that produce very similar products throughout the world.  So why are some priced differently than others?

Root form or ‘screw’ shaped dental implants are all made of titanium. Some contain titanium alloys.  Some systems come in different lengths and widths that some other systems do not have.  The body will not look at one system and another and see it is as better, so while a company may charge more for one system, it does not mean a better result.  The major factor has to do with quality of bone around the dental implant placed and the final crown shape that is made to ensure that it fits into the patient’s bite.

So to recap, we like to pick a system that has

  1. history of being in the market
  2. reputable long term research and results
  3. reasonably priced
  4. good support system from company reps

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