Dental Implant Options – What are the options during the healing phase?

We often get patients asking about their options during the healing phase of dental implants.  If often takes 3-4 months for healing before an implant is ready to receive a new crown.  There are several options that patients have so they don’t need to go without teeth for this period.

1-Flipper Denture

This is basically a removable denture that has teeth set into the missing spaces. It is mainly there for esthetics and should not be used to chew hard foods since it can fracture. It should be removed at night time.

2-Essex Appliance

This looks like a clear invisalign retainer and it does not cover the roof of the mouth. It should be removed at night and after meals to clean it.  Another alternative if a patient has an existing denture is to place a soft liner that will allow a cushioning effect during the implant healing phase.

3-Temporary Mini Implants

Sometimes for extra retention, small mini implants are placed to help hold a denture in place.

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