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Is there any pain with dental implant procedures?

The thought of having a dental implant placed into the jaw bone may sound scary to some people and we agree the process can seem to be daunting.

 I usually compare the process of having a tooth pulled and state that dental implant procedures are actually easier.  A tooth normally has a shock absorbing layer that surrounds it and gives it a cushion effect.  This layer called the PDL (periodontal ligament) is full of cells that are alive.  When a tooth is removed, it tends to be much more uncomfortable recovery wise than a dental implant placement.  The reason being, is that the jawbone has few nerve endings as compared to the PDL.

Most patient with Advil (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol are able to cope with the discomfort.  The patient is given a post-op instruction sheet that is written by us that discusses all situations for followup in the next 1-2 weeks followed by healing of the implant area.

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