Teeth Replacement Options

Today’s case is of a young female patient that had previous root canal therapy and crown on her front tooth. Unfortunately this tooth broke and the patient had been living with a denture solution for one single tooth.

We discussed all the options with the patient and a single dental implant was chosen as the best option for her. The remaining framgent of the root was removed by Dr. Mark Bishara and a dental implant was placed at the same time. After three months of healing, a new dental crown was placed on top of the dental implant. We chose to have a new crown that was slightly brighter than her adjacent teeth as she was expecting to whiten her teeth very soon after the process was finished.

For more information contact us at 905-697-1118 for your free consultation with Dr. Mark Bishara. All dental implant procedures are performed from start to finish by Dr. Mark Bishara at  West Bowmanville Family Dental

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