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Dental Implant Bridge Bowmanville

Traditional dental materials used to be made of a metal foundation or core with a porcelain overlay over top.  This was a great option since the strength of the metal core was present along with the esthetics of the porcelain over top.  Over time, problems started to happen with porcelain chipping, fracture.  While the metal foundation did not get damaged, you would get ugly exposure of metal through the bridge work.

At West Bowmanville Family Dental, we work in conjunction with our Lab to do a computer aided 3d design of your bridge or crown work for either traditional crowns or implant retained crows or bridges. A new dental material called zirconia offers a combination of esthetics and strength.  Since the core of a zirconia block is white in color, in addition to being resistant to chipping or staining, it becomes the optimal solution for such cases.

The image in today’s blog illustrates a dental implant bridge that is retained by implants with a full contour zirconia that was designed with a digital impression using the iTero 3D digital system.  We use only digital impressions at our dental office in Bowmanville since it is much more accurate.

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