Dental Implants in Bowmanville Explained

Tooth loss due to decay or injury can be a challenge especially when considering the options.  There are many options that patients need to be aware of before make any decisions.

Often there is a cost factor associated with replacement options, and while long term it may be cheaper to go with a removable denture, there is an associated bone loss that occurs over time since a denture simply does not provide enough stimulation to the bone below it to keep it active. 

Dental Implants are titanium posts that have been long used in the medical field.  The titanium post fuses to the bone which then allows a crown to be attached over top of the post.  The natural appearance of the final result is often suprising to many people since the tooth feels and functions like a real tooth.

Generally, the surgical aspect of placing dental implants is done at an oral surgeon’s office.   At West Bowmanville Family Dental, our team of experienced dentists are not only trained in the placement of the dental implant but also in the restoration of the crown portion afterwards.  The advantage is that the treatment is performed by one dentist that can envision your final product from start to finish.

 For the sake of comparison, we can expect that a bridge will need replacement over a 10-15 year span. The reason being, a bridge does not provide enough stimulation to the bone below the missing space.  As a consequence, the bone will stil shrink, creating a gap that develops between the gum and the artificial tooth.  This can lead to a food trap, often patients report an unpleasant odor from the area due to the difficulty in maintaining the area clean.

 Similarly, dental implants have minimal impact on surrounding teeth. They integrate with the jaw, which means that they require no support from their neighbors. A bridge, on the other hand, requires that crowns be placed on adjacent teeth to hold the pontic (prosthetic crown) in place. That process can weaken those teeth, as it requires that some enamel be removed to accommodate the crown.

Most people who lose a single tooth can choose a dental implant, a fixed permanent bridge or a partial denture as a replacement. Dental implants mimic natural teeth, which is why they’re increasingly popular.

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Dr Mark Bishara at West Bowmanville Family Dental

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