How to Get a New Crown, Bridge or Veneer on the Same Day


Crowns, bridges and veneers can help to restore, protect and improve your smile. People often need a crown in Oshawa if they have a tooth that is severely decayed and infected or broken. A dental bridge is a quick and non-invasive way to replace a missing tooth. The replacement tooth, called a pontic, is supported by crowns fitted over the adjacent teeth, forming a strong and aesthetically pleasing restoration. Dental veneers are frequently used in cosmetic dentistry, helping to perfect the appearance of teeth that may be misshapen, slightly cracked or chipped, or severely stained.

Usually a Two Week, Two Visit Process

Usually, after first preparing the teeth, these dental restorations take a couple of weeks or so to make. During this time, it’s necessary to have a temporary restoration that protects the prepared tooth or teeth and restores your appearance and the ability to eat. While temporary restorations are good, it does mean you would need a second visit to Margolian Dentistry. They are only held in place with temporary cement, so there is a risk they can become dislodged or broken, especially if you eat something sticky or hard.

The Advanced Technology That Makes Same-Day Restorations Possible

Our dental office is equipped with the most advanced digital technology available. It ensures you receive a precision-made and fitted dental restoration and that the entire experience is more comfortable from start to finish.

Preparing Your Teeth

When you need a new dental restoration in Whitby, we still prepare your teeth in the usual way, first numbing the tooth before gently reshaping it for your new crown, bridge or veneer. Once your teeth are prepared, we need to take an impression, but instead of a traditional and uncomfortable tray impression, we digitally scan your teeth with a 3-D oral scanner. It is a radiation-free laser that scans your teeth quickly and accurately. Unlike a tray impression, there is no chance of distortion in a digital scan, and we can check the scan while you are still in the dental chair to make sure your tooth preparation is ideal for a perfectly fitting restoration. If necessary, we can make any minor adjustments immediately.

Designing Your New Restorations

Once we have the perfect scan of your teeth, our dentist in Ajax can design your new crown, bridge or veneer using sophisticated software. It’s a process that ensures you receive an aesthetically pleasing restoration with excellent functionality so that you can smile, talk and eat with complete confidence.

When the design is ready, it is sent to the inner office milling machine.

Milling Your New Restoration

Our dentist will choose a block of porcelain that is pre-shaded to match your natural tooth colour closely. The milling machine then creates your new restoration to our exact design, a process that only takes a short while before the restoration is hand finished and carefully checked. Just a few hours after preparing your teeth, your new restoration is ready to fit. Once inserted in the mouth, it is checked to make sure the fit is precise, and that of course, it looks good. Once we are happy with the result, it is firmly bonded in place. There is no need for a second visit!

A milled restoration is made from high-quality, durable porcelain that looks wonderful. Because it is digitally created, the restoration fits precisely over the prepared tooth, protecting the tooth and preventing infection and decay. A milled restoration is every bit as good as a conventional restoration, but with the added convenience of completing treatment on the same day.

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